Construction Noise & Vibration Assessment

Where construction and demolition activities are proposed next to existing noise-sensitive receivers it is not unusual for local authorities to request a noise impact assessment.

Early engagement with Hunter Acoustics along with liaison with the main contractor and subcontractors on proposed methods allows detailed noise predictions to be undertaken before the works commence.

This typically includes noise map modelling, which can cover several phases as the works progress across the construction site. Advice can also be given on ‘Best Practical Means’ following the guidance of BS 5228:2009-1.

Hunter Acoustics can undertake on-site noise monitoring before and during critical construction/demolition works to confirm compliance.

We have extensive experience of on-site vibration assessments where activities such as piling, compacting and pecking/breaking is proposed next to existing buildings. Hunter Acoustics can assist in the setup of continuous vibration monitoring with alarms set to appropriate warning levels.